Check in with Major Credit Cards Only! why is that?

Written by Administrator on Sunday, 28 October 2012.

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Credit Card Requirements

In order to provide some clarification regarding credit card requirements from our featured promotions, we felt the need to elaborate on the subject.
Almost daily, we are presented with the question: “Why do I have to have a major credit card for this promotion? I carry a credit card that is a Visa or MasterCard, and I can use it as both debit and credit”

The reality is that debit cards and major credit cards differ on a few aspects, but the one aspect we want to focus on, is credit itself.

A debit card is the type of card that is attached to your checking or savings account, and does not include any line of credit from your bank. Basically, the balance on your card is the balance on your checking account, and your credit score is not necessarily a determining factor in obtaining these types of cards.

A major credit card is the type of card that is given to you as an instrument to utilize a line of credit issued by a bank or a lending institution. The bank establishes the amount of money issued to your account, and you are responsible of payments of the principal and interest accrued on your account. It is usually required from you to have a good credit score, in order to qualify for these types of cards.

The reason Timeshare developers require a major credit card to check in on property, is because they are looking to get the best qualified candidates for their Timeshare sales presentation. It is as simple as that; they are spending quite a lot of money on providing discounted accommodations to their guests, and in many cases like in the Orlando area, other incentives such as attraction tickets to Theme Parks are provided.

As a consequence of the world’s economy hurdles that started a few years ago, lending institutions have in turn, toughened requirements for Timeshare developers to obtain financing for their projects, making the process of selling Timeshare units to the average family more complicated.  For that reason, today 99% of Timeshare developers require a major credit card to qualify for their sales presentation.

Please understand that you can pay for your reservation online with us with any kind of card, as long as you have a valid major credit card to check in on property.

It is very important to note that the major credit card you will present at check in, should be in your name and also it should have enough money to pay for taxes and security deposit.

In most cases, if you decide to join the program offered by the developer through the sales presentation, and you opt for financing, the down payment is usually paid with a major credit card, hence the need for both a major credit card and an acceptable credit score.

Also, pre-paid or pre-funded credit cards, as well as gift cards, cannot be accepted as major credit cards.

On a closing note, we hope that this explanation of the credit card requirement, clarifies any doubts regarding the reservation process and helps you to avoid and unpleasant surprise on arrival at your vacation destination, as resort’s front desk staff will prevent you from checking in on property, should you fail to provide a valid major credit card.

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